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From breakfast through lunch to Evening time, we serve food all day long. We serve a wide variety of dishes with a particular emphasis on Seafood. We endeavour to provide value for money, with families in mind, and Sunday lunch is a favourite with our guests. We also cater for lots of tour groups of varying sizes with menus to suit accordingly, with our excellent Irish musicians & dancers you are guaranteed an excellent Irish themed night out! Also catering for any special occasion from set menus to finger food or buffets, please contact us now to discuss how we can make your special event a great success! .

091 592444 or email [/blockquote]

Starters – Cúrsa Tosaigh



Homemade Soup of the Day with Homemade Soda Bread (

(Our Soup is always gluten free, please let your server know if you require gluten free bread)


                                                                 Small Bowl     € 3.95   Large Bowl € 5.50


Padraicins Seafood Chowder with Homemade Soda Bread (


                                                                 Small Bowl     € 6        Large Bowl € 8.25


Aran Islands Potato Boats (                                                             € 8

Potato Wedges with Crispy Bacon, Cheese & Garlic Mayo, Mini Salad


Grilled Goats Cheese (

Beetroot Mousse, Homemade Rustic Bread, Salad Leaves                                              € 8.50 (v)


Homemade Breaded Chicken Strips Spicy Mayo Dip & Mini Salad                      € 8.95

(                                                                                              € 15.50 (mc)


Crab Meat Salad                                                                                                  € 14

With a Spring Onion, Apple, Celery, Parsley, Fresh Chilli, Mayo,

Homemade Brown Bread

( (this dish is gluten free if served with homemade gluten free bread)


Fresh Cod Tempura Wrap (                                                                 € 9.50

Coriander & Tomato Salsa


Calamari Rings with a Coconut, Coriander & Sweet Chilli Dressing,

Mini Salad                                                                                                            € 11



Pan Fried Fresh Prawns with Salad                                                                  € 11 (gf)

Olive Oil, Garlic & Parsley, Salad Leaves



Connemara Organic Smoked Salmon                                                               € 12

Served with Pickled Beetroot Salad, Capers, Pickled Cucumber Shavings,

Marinated Feta with Chive & Homemade Soda Bread

(this dish is gluten free if served with homemade gluten free bread)



Fresh Local Shellfish – Iasc Mara úr áitiúil


Crock of Freshly Poached Mussels from Killary Harbour

Served in a Creamy White Wine & Garlic Sauce (           € 10 small (gf)

(locally sourced from our friends at Marty’s Mussels)                                                                                                                                                               € 17 large (gf)



From the Sea ~ Ón Fharraige


‘Fish & Chips’

Beer Battered Fresh Haddock, Deep Fried & Served with Chips, Mushy Peas,

Mini Salad, Tartar Sauce                  Small Plate           € 14            Large Plate                    € 18.50



Fillet of Freshly Smoked Haddock

Served with Colcannon Mash & Smoked Bacon,

Homemade Chive Sour Cream, Fresh Rocket                                              € 19.95 (gf)



Grilled Fillet of Fresh Salmon

Served with Quinoa, Sweet Chilli & Spring Onion Butter, Samphire,

Pineapple, Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Rocket & Mandarin              € 22 (gf)



Fresh Fillet of Hake

Served with Sautéed Potatoes, Chorizo, Samphire & Cherry Tomato,                   € 22.50 (gf)

Coriander Salsa



Padraicins Seafood Platter                                                                         € 28.50

A Selection of Fresh Seafood including Connemara Organic Smoked Salmon,

Calamari Rings with a Coconut, Coriander & Sweet Chilli Dressing & a Crock of Marty’s Delicious Mussels from Killary Fjord, Crab Meat with Apple, Celery, Spring Onion, Parsley, Fresh Chilli, Mayo, Homemade Soda Bread, Mini Salad (


From the Land ~ Ón Talamh


McGraths of Galway Prime Irish Beef Burger (4oz or 6oz )

Served with a Fresh Bun, Beef Tomato, Lettuce, Ballymaloe Relish,

Melted Cheddar, Fried Red Onions, Chips (  4oz   € 14.95

                                                                                                          6oz    € 16.95


Roast of the Day                      Small Plate           € 10.50       Large Plate                    € 14.95

Served with Fresh Vegetables   (Please ask your server regarding allergens)


Chargrilled Irish Hereford Prime Sirloin Steak (9oz) (                     € 28

Onion Rings & Fried Mushrooms, Roasted Vine Tomatoes, Chips,

Garlic Butter or Pepper Sauce


Supreme of Stuffed Chicken (                                                        € 16.50 (gf)

Served with Creamed Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables, Mushroom Cream Sauce




Pasta, Vegetarian & Vegan



Chargrilled Chicken & Smoked Bacon Fusilli Pasta (

Fresh Spinach, Garlic Cream Sauce, Garlic Bread                                      € 17.95


Fresh Seafood Tagliatelle (

A Medley of Fresh Cod, Salmon, Smoked Haddock & Prawns, Fresh Mussels

Creamy Garlic & White Wine Sauce                                                            € 22


Homemade Chickpea, Tomato & Spinach Curry (6.8.11)                          € 14.50 (v)

Served with Healthy Brown Rice


Vegetable Penne Pasta Arrabiatta (1.6.12)                                                    € 14.50 (v)

Served with Fresh Chilli, Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers, Red Onion,

Garlic in a Fresh Basil & Tomato Sauce with Fresh Rocket


Fresh Prawn & Calamari Spaghetti (

Served in a Mildly Spiced Coconut Sauce with Spring Onion, Fresh Lime,

Lemongrass, Whole meal Spaghetti, Rocket Leaves                                   € 18.50





‘All our Sandwiches come with Chips, Salad & Coleslaw & can be made with Gluten free Bread. A ‘Gluten Free’ Wrap option is also available,

Please Note: Sandwiches are Served until 4.30pm


Carved Ham & Cheese Toastie (                                                    € 8

(White, Brown Pan, Deli Style Sub or Homemade Gluten Free)


Carved Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Onion Toastie (                     € 8.50

(White, Brown Pan, Deli Style Sub or Homemade Gluten Free)


Chargrilled Chicken Wrap (                                                     € 8.95

Tomato, Red Onion & Peppers, Pineapple & Jalapeno Glaze 


Fresh Toasted BLT Deli Sub (                                                           € 9.25

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo 


Yoghurt Chicken Salad Wrap (                                                      € 9.25

With Apple, Cucumber, Cranberry, Red & Spring Onion, Honey & Yoghurt




Sweets – Milseog



Bourbon & Pecan Pie, Honeycomb Ice Cream, Fresh Cream (



Homemade Cheesecake of the Day (1.3.7)



Selection of Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce (

(Choose any 3 from Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappuccino or Honeycomb)



Homemade Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

& Chocolate Sauce (gf) (3.7.8)



Homemade Apple & Mixed Berry Crumble

Fresh Cream & Custard (1.3.7)



Homemade Raspberry & Mango Mousse (gf)

(no allergens)




All Sweets € 6.50






(mc) – main course option

(v) – suitable for vegetarians

(gf) – gluten free

– suitable for Vegans



Allergen information as follows, numbers are after each dish on the menu : 1.Cereals containing gluten, 2. Crustaceans, 3.Eggs, 4. Fish, 5.Peanuts, 6. Soybeans, 7. Milk, 8. Nuts, 9.Celery,10. Mustard, 11. Sesame seeds, 12. Sulphur dioxide & sulphites, 13. Lupin, 14 Molluscs

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